Today's consumer wakes up and tracks their work out on a fitness
app. It connects them to their play-list, tracks and records their heart
rates and calories burned. The programmed coffeemaker starts to
brew a to-go cup and it's taken into the car for the ride to work.
Waze helps the driver avoid traffic and Siri points out inexpensive
fuel along the way. At the end of the day, with dinner in hand, Netflix
pops up with the latest binge-worthy title just where you left off
yesterday. Tomorrow, a fresh set of connections is waiting to be made.

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The world is becoming more and more connected. The power of the IoT revolution lies in its connections. As connections grow, so will a device utility. By connecting devices in growing chains, we can expand the utility, informational depth and power of each device. Dynamic new revenue streams can be created just by connecting the right links in the IoT chain. Home insurance can connect to vehicle security. Diet and exercise can connect to shop-ping and restaurants.

Our goal with our Smart Chain Accelerator is to facilitate the growth of these Smart Chains of connections, and grow them quickly. The right connections can lead to new products, and possibly even new industries.



Our team of business intelligence enthusiasts have focused on the latest, most advanced technologies associated with vehicles – all vehicles. In fact, we have developed a number of smart solutions for the auto industry and secured patents around a variety of Connected Car technologies over the years.

Now we have launched a Smart Chain Innovation Lab. Our team and chain of smart technologies allow businesses and consumers to connect with and protect those things in life that really matter! We are ready to expand these and even more links to build new, more robust smart chain connections.


Although our focus is on connecting sensors to smart businesses, we do not see our job as creating sensors per se, we are  in the business of business intelligence. We make businesses smarter, give consumers more choices and help organizations do business with greater confidence and profitability.

We see the capabilities we have created in the automotive market as the first link of a widespread, interconnected and infinitely customizable mobile chain. We have transformed the way dealers and lender sell cars. But we are positioned to do so much more.


The Procon Analytics business intelligence team is incubating new transformational concepts focused on linking intelligent companies together to help them tap into our existing connected base of customers, build new lines of distributions, broaden their product offerings and enter new markets. This team is poised to not only connect more smart businesses, but also to incubate new products and ideas to test in the marketplace. Using our automotive IoT technology, we can connect to wearable devices, smart homes and workplaces, communities, smart cities and more.




Did you know there were more connected devices than people on this planet back in 2008? And this year, we’ll see the
number of connected devices surpass the PC, tablet and the phone market combined.What’s even more astonishing is that
we ain’t seen nothing yet.Just ask the experts.Gartner, for example, projects there will be over 26 billion connected
devices by 2020. Cisco says 50 billion. Intel says 200 billion and IDC says 212 billion. Where ever the number lands, it’s
easy to see how machines/ connected devices will be fueling the next stage of growth for the Internet.



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