What is the value of knowing that the things you cherish most in life are where they are supposed be? What if you could track the moving van you hired to take all of your belongings across the country?

We are currently incubating a new product we call Place and Trace. Place and Trace is a small, but powerful, portable device that keeps track of your things, such as a car, motorcycle, RV, etc. You simply place the device virtually anywhere and trace its location using your phone. You’ll instantly know when Place and Trace is on the move. In the case of theft, you can notify our recovery specialists with a click. They will work with law enforcement to locate and/or recover a stolen item

Join us in our journey as we develop Place and Trace. We want you to help us think of new, different, and exciting applications and uses for Place and Trace. Go to our Indiegogo page to participate!


What if you could have peace of mind for just a dime a day? With Place and Trace, you can easily place it in a vehicle or other personal item and have the peace of mind of knowing where your car, boat, ATV, virtually anything is – at all times.

Think about the RV or personal watercraft you have stored for the season. Wouldn’t it be good to know it’s where you left it? Or to be alerted immediately if it moves unexpectedly rather than waiting until you’re ready to use it? Place and Trace connects you to and protects the things that are important to you in life.

Protect Your Watercraft with Place and Trace
Protect Your Powersport Equipment - Place and Trace


Simply activate the battery-powered device, place it and trace it. It immediately starts sending location and other data about where that thing is and what it’s been doing.

Place and Trace connects to GPS satellites and 4G LTE wireless carriers. It activates in seconds, and its location accuracy is within 2.5 feet. The device is waterproof as well, which makes it ideal for marine and outdoor applications. The self-contained battery lasts up to 3 to 4 years. Users can monitor Place and Trace via a mobile app. There is just the one-time purchase price and no recurring fees or contracts for years! Join us on Indiegogo and help us protect the things in life you care about.


In the event a vehicle, or any high-value equipment, like a camper or RV is stolen, our recovery team works with local and state law enforcement agencies to track and locate it-fast.

Our team has had a 99.9% Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) success rate and an average recovery time of less than 3 hours on the automotive side.

Mobile App Connects You with Law Enforcement - Place and Trace


We’ll keep you updated on what is happening with Place and Trace.